As I was driving into town this morning I looked out over the ocean and was struck by its beauty.  The sky was overcast, the sea was grey, but something about the combination of the green grass, the sandy beach and the breakers struck a chord within me.  I then realised that I had overlooked […]

Road Rage and other things

Most of the troubles in this world are related to selfishness.  Road rage is often caused by an individual thinking about him/herself only.  Years ago, we had an incident where we parked in a parking which someone else was trying to use as space to turn in.  We were totally unaware of him and his […]


I just found out that one of my sisters is expecting a little one. What a blessing for the family! That a sister that has been through so much is now being honored. That a divine power has trusted that she bring up a little one of her own is a testament to how far […]

A bit of a laugh

I have had the pleasure of lecturing recently, however, now I am marking papers. The pleasure is coming from amusement rather than enrichment. The students are first years and have a bit of a language problem as well. I was nearly rolling on the floor yesterday when a student listed the vertebral colon as an […]

Comfortable in my skin

I recently finished reading a book by Cathy Kelly. A pleasant and enjoyable read. A phrase was used during the story which had someone who had had it all, realize that she didn’t know who she was. She envied her sister and her aunt who were both comfortable in their skin. It’s an interesting phrase. […]


I have been noticing lately that more and more people are exhibiting signs of low self worth. I wonder if this is as a result of the constant bombardment of highly attractive actors, models and so on. It probably doesn’t help that when standing in shopping queues there are rows and rows of magazines all […]


A few years ago I hesitated while doing something I had done numerous times before. There were valid reasons for my hesitation – or so I thought at the time. The end result of that momentary pause in action was a blown tyre. Many years later and much experience with moments of hesitation, I have […]

Keeping Busy

Today I had a highly enjoyable day. Nothing spectacular occurred, but I feel better this evening than I have in a while. I put this down to changing my routine. Conventionally I would have spent my time at home reading or being vegetative. Today, however, after church I spent a number of hours weeding in […]


An incident occurred today that resulted in a fiend apologizing for something she did not do. I do not feel that she should have done this. By the very means of saying sorry she took upon herself the deed that she apologized for. This has two unforeseen undesirable consequences. One, she detracts from the doer […]

About my Blog

Life is about living.  Living is about experience and enjoying that experience.  It is my intent to share my own insights in the hope of touching a life and making that life worth living.  In doing so, I hope to enhance my own experience.