Comfortable in my skin

I recently finished reading a book by Cathy Kelly. A pleasant and enjoyable read. A phrase was used during the story which had someone who had had it all, realize that she didn’t know who she was. She envied her sister and her aunt who were both comfortable in their skin. It’s an interesting phrase. It could imply that a woman may be comfortable leaving home without beautifying themselves with cosmetics. It could imply someone so self-assured that they are completely aware of who they are and what they stand for. It could even apply to a more curvaceous individual finally accepting themselves. Having pondered the phrase for over a week now, I have come to the conclusion that being loved completely by a partner helps one to feel comfortable in your skin. That unconditional love expressing that you are perfect as you are makes you whole. Perhaps that is why God said we must have a partner and become one flesh. Perhaps that is why instinct drives us to find a partner. So that we can experience that gift of completeness.


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