Road Rage and other things

Most of the troubles in this world are related to selfishness.  Road rage is often caused by an individual thinking about him/herself only.  Years ago, we had an incident where we parked in a parking which someone else was trying to use as space to turn in.  We were totally unaware of him and his desire – he was reversing out of a nearby parking.  We only realised there was a problem after we got out of our vehicle and heard him swearing and being otherwise abusive.  The situation escalated and he eventually kicked a dent in our vehicle’s door and injuring a security guard as he drove off.  The situation could have been averted if he had stopped to think that perhaps we were not aware of his need of the parking he wanted to use, and of our right to park in an empty parking.  In all fairness, the situation would also not have escalated as it had if I had not given into my temper.  Consider the “blue light” brigades.  Dignatories driving recklessly and at excess speed causing risk to others because of their personal needs.   There is very little in our society of putting others first.  As a parent, children automatically come first in my home.  However, something can be said for the old days when children were taught that adults were first.  Perhaps this is where the seed is planted.  Others first.  Be it Grandmother, Teacher, Priest, Parent, Sibling or Stranger.  The worlds greatest crimes when you come down to it are due to an individual coveting what is not theirs to have to the detriment of someone else resulting in murder, rape and other despicable acts.  This is all down to selfishness and putting yourself first.  Are you a better person if your act of selfishness is purely one of not giving time to someone else?  Or are you in the same catagory of someone selfishly stealing from another individual? The same act of selfishness is at the route.  The same putting oneself before others prefaces the act.  At the same time however acts of pure selflessness occur daily if we but see them.  A while back I saw a Mom ensuring that her children had a meal while she looked on.  From what I could see they did not have much and it looked as though she could have done with a meal.   There is the stepson of a widower who ensures that he is financially secure when he has his own children to look after him.  A client of mine driving a very run down vehicle, but tipping a car guard with a heavy hand.  A daughter selling her much loved piano so that her Mother can move home and packing up her mothers home when she herself is unwell.  May these generous acts spill over and infect all of us so that we may all experience more peace and love for each other known and unknown.


One thought on “Road Rage and other things

  1. I remember that incident! AND I know that Daughter selling her Piano… Love her to pieces…She is an amazing woman.

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