As I was driving into town this morning I looked out over the ocean and was struck by its beauty.  The sky was overcast, the sea was grey, but something about the combination of the green grass, the sandy beach and the breakers struck a chord within me.  I then realised that I had overlooked the scars left by all the construction between the shoreline and the road.  I had overlooked the scars and seen the beauty.  How often do we do this in nature, but not in people.  With people we often do not see the person for the scars.  The scar may be physical, or emotional.  It may be a mannerism or homeliness.  I think of a friends mother who’s twinkling eyes and kind nature overshadow the fact that she has one prosthetic leg.  I think of an old friend, severely overweight and occasionally ill-dressed who’s sense of humour completely compensates for any lack.  Once we get to know the person behind the “scar”, the beauty shines through.  But how many people with scars do we not get to know purely because we cannot see past the scar.  I know a man who comes across as extremely arrogant, but who deep down is simply insecure.  This person is one who is beautiful inside, if you let  yourself see it.  We are all scarred by life.  Whether it be due to a physical incident, abuse in childhood, substance dependance or the ills of life.  We all have beauty if we but look past the scars.  The catch is, do we let others close enough for them to see our beauty within?


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