Do we take the time to listen? Do we actually hear what people are saying. And do we truly try to understand what the meaning behind their words is? Miscommunication is a exceptionally common event. It happens almost daily between my sons. It happens at work. It happens between many couples. The route of this […]


A teacher at school used to say that we should not assume. That it makes an ass out of u and me. The truth is that no matter how sure you are that your conclusion about something/someone is, unless there is proof, it is probably incorrect. I suppose that is where the innocent until proven […]

Door mats

A while back someone I know was told to stop letting himself be used as a door mat. I have been marinating on this ever since. A door mat is used over and over again to wipe your feet on. Because of this, it is filthy in nature – until cleaned. However it is also […]

Without guile

In other words completely transparent, with no thought of deceit. Like a young child. Totally incapable of being cunning. Until they get taught by their elders. What a shame. They are so beautiful in their innocence. My four year old has been more aware of aging and wrinkles lately. A while ago, he seriously said […]

Toilet Time

I was stuck in the loo today. Literally!!! Having gone to a gorgeous little coffee shop for a work meeting with my boss aka my husband, after a particularly good meeting disussing future plans for our business, I wandered to the loo. Little did I realise that I would be stuck in there for rather […]


A couple I know has been married 55 years. I was sitting a few rows behind them at church today. I happened to see him turn to her with a look of such tenderness it was incredible. A short while later she affectionately rubbed his knee. No I was not stalking them, but they where […]

Honesty the best policy?!

Are you truly 100% honest?  I cannot lie.  It is impossible.  My husband/parents/whoever generally can tell if I am telling a lie.  Have I always told the full truth?  No.  Have I always been 100% honest?  No.  However, I have to admit that I have realised over time that those half-truths or 90% truths have […]

Brain over brawn

I have the most wonderful boys, but being boys they tend to attempt accomplishing tasks with strength rather than forethought. At their young age, they have become accustomed to their Mom telling them, ” brain my boy, not brawn”. And yes, they now understand the difference. A week ago or so, I was chatting to […]


There are times when I am mulling over something, and I can’t quite get a handle on it. It seems that the more I focus on the problem, the more elusive the solution becomes. Perhaps this is a more common phenomenon than one would initially think. Our minds work in mysterious ways. Consider those early […]