Brain over brawn

I have the most wonderful boys, but being boys they tend to attempt accomplishing tasks with strength rather than forethought. At their young age, they have become accustomed to their Mom telling them, ” brain my boy, not brawn”. And yes, they now understand the difference. A week ago or so, I was chatting to a friend. She had a potentially life altering decision to make. The only gift that I ad to give her was the time to listen. Which I did for a little while. I could tell that she was really in two minds. There was no obviously best path to take. Both had pros and cons. During our conversation, she mentioned that as a younger woman, when she met her other half, she knew well before he, that she would marry him one day. So strong was she in her conviction, that she waited quite some time for him. As she said this, the thought crossed my mind, do we over think things? Yes there are definite brain not brawn instances. But are there also heart not brain instances. Is this not what going with your gut is about? Sometimes I feel that women are more at peace with using their guts, but even then, fear arrives and clouds our minds. Fear of hurt, fear of consequence, fear of failure, fear of others. So….trust in your gut. Trust your heart – this is the part of you that is most true.


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