There are times when I am mulling over something, and I can’t quite get a handle on it. It seems that the more I focus on the problem, the more elusive the solution becomes. Perhaps this is a more common phenomenon than one would initially think. Our minds work in mysterious ways. Consider those early morning waking states where you remember something that had eluded you during the previous day. A name, a situation, the solution to a question. So why did I title this entry “Soduku”? Often, when I am ruminating on a particular problem, I play Soduku and the solution sometimes appears. It seems as though your subconscious arrives at the solution without conscious effort. You can’t ” see the wood for the trees” and then your eyes are opened. So the lesson to learn in this is that perhaps we should stop over thinking and start giving our minds permission to act to their full potential. The solutions are always there if we let ourselves see them.


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