Honesty the best policy?!

Are you truly 100% honest?  I cannot lie.  It is impossible.  My husband/parents/whoever generally can tell if I am telling a lie.  Have I always told the full truth?  No.  Have I always been 100% honest?  No.  However, I have to admit that I have realised over time that those half-truths or 90% truths have also made many situations worse.  It has only been since I made a commitment to myself to 100% honest that I have realised how much better it is.  For me emotionally, and for all my relationships.  This is something I want to impart to my children.  My eldest had a situation at school recently.  He says one thing and his teacher another.  With all the dishonesty around and my own weakness when I consider and untruth in the sight of fear.  Who do I trust.  As a Mom, I am inclined to trust my child.  As a human, I am inclined to wonder if he is stretching the truth.  So the next point to ponder is…. How do I impart to him the importance of 100% honesty.  For now and in the future.  Now so that I know how to react to these situations and in the future so he has better relationships.  First, lead by example, of course.  Which means stick to my guns and be 100% honest in all things myself… oh wait! Does that mean I must tell him about Santa?  OK, so fairy-tales are allowed :).  But, I will continue to go back and pay for the bag of onions on the bottom of trolley that is found after I leave the store.  I will continue to answer my kids queries honestly.  There will be no shades of gray for me!


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