Toilet Time

I was stuck in the loo today. Literally!!! Having gone to a gorgeous little coffee shop for a work meeting with my boss aka my husband, after a particularly good meeting disussing future plans for our business, I wandered to the loo. Little did I realise that I would be stuck in there for rather longer than usual. Doing my thing was not the issue. Opening the door on the way out, was! I turned the key, pulled down the handle….and….nothing. I locked and re-unlocked the door – perhaps the key was not turned completely. No! Nothing! Ok, so what now…. I pushed and pushed and pulled and pushed, but nothing. Anyone read the enormous turnip? Well, when I did not succeed, I proceeded to phone my husband, who was a mere courtyard away in the coffee shop. He did not answer…. I called again…. no answer. I heard steps approaching. No, was not him. As I plucked up the courage to yell at the invisible owner of the footsteps, they headed further away. I called again…. no answer. You would think that if one was phoning from a mere courtyard away, there was a problem. I called again….. I lost count. Eventually, a very flustered “Hello”. I briefly described my predicament. “What? What do you mean you are stuck?”. Enter the physical form of my other half outside the door in view of the window through which I was gazing hopefully for my deliverence. Which was not to be…. for a while. Tug, tug, pull, pull, push, push. Oh!!!! the handle is not unlatching correctly. Go figure!!!! Enter the only male employee at this refined establishment. Pull, pull, push, push…. still no joy. The other half calmly says….in an amused tone, I might add…. I don’t think that is working, please see if you have a screw driver. Enter, the female manager with the screw-driver. Dr Mush says, use the screw-driver to force the latch. No, they say, hang on a minute. Ok, I say….. well, it was not a minute. Manageress takes off handle etc. Oh, look, the mechanism is worn. Ok, so we know what has caused the problem…..still stuck. Tug, tug, push, push, pull. pull. Perhaps a knife will work. Exit Manageress. Re-enter Manageress, Male employee and knife. Knife is used to……pry open latch…… Release. Phew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a hoot it was 🙂


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