A teacher at school used to say that we should not assume. That it makes an ass out of u and me. The truth is that no matter how sure you are that your conclusion about something/someone is, unless there is proof, it is probably incorrect. I suppose that is where the innocent until proven guilty rule comes in. Yesterday afternoon we were home and the neighbors teenage boys kept ringing the bell and running off. Having once done similar things, I wasn’t too put out by it. However, 10min after we left, the house alarm went off. We have an outside sensor that picked up movement. The obvious conclusion was that the kids had hopped over the gate, had set the alarm off in order to watch the alarm company respond. A practical joke. We considered this as we have had similar occurrences most Saturdays. We were certain we were right. Well, as I said this had been a common occurrence, so we had a loan camera installed to see what was causing the activations. After returning home we viewed the footage. No kids, no obvious reason for activation. Our conclusion/assumption was incorrect. Had we acted on the assumption without proof we may have chatted to the neighbors and asked them to make good for the excess responses from the wardens as there is a charge attached. I doubt that this would have endeared us to our neighbors.


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