Today I am grateful that I live in the beautiful place.  The sun is baking down, everything is green, and as I drive to my appointments I see the blue sea.  What a fantastic place to be.  I must admit though there are times I forget to be grateful.  I look at my car and […]


Once upon a time a young man worked for his father. He had to go to the bank and decided to take his girlfriend with for company. He fetched her from college and they went off. At the bank he completed his business which included withdrawing cash for the employees at work. On route back […]

Mistaken identity

My hubby and I went out to dinner last night. As I was taking my first bite, I looked up and saw a very stylish 50ish woman looking at me. She had come in with a man (her husband?), and a girl who called the gent, Dad. I didn’t think much of it. They were […]


Have you ever had the experience of visiting a place from your childhood. How different was it from your memory of it? A huge pool for instance seems a lot smaller many years later. So what has changed? The pool? Clearly not, your perspective has changed through time, through size and through experience. What makes […]