Have you ever had the experience of visiting a place from your childhood. How different was it from your memory of it? A huge pool for instance seems a lot smaller many years later. So what has changed? The pool? Clearly not, your perspective has changed through time, through size and through experience. What makes one individual see a glass as half empty and the other as half full? Perspective. Negative or positive, it is still perspective. Something as simple as your size affects your view, the angle at which you look at an item affects what you see. We know this from cameras, movies and every day life. If something that simple affects how we view things, how much more would our experience have an effect? Consider the fact that each of us is the sum of a unique gene pool, a unique experience. Not one of us thinks the same, not one of us interprets events the same. If this is true, then could many misunderstandings be the inevitable end result of differing perspective? Perhaps taking time to understand a situation from a different perspective will be all it takes to make this world a more harmonious place.


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