Once upon a time a young man worked for his father. He had to go to the bank and decided to take his girlfriend with for company. He fetched her from college and they went off. At the bank he completed his business which included withdrawing cash for the employees at work. On route back to work, he dropped off his girlfriend and walked her in. They neglected to notice that three men that had been rummaging in a trailer began following them. The three men held them up at gun point and stole their cell phones and the cash the young man had just withdrawn. They were unharmed physically, but obviously traumatized. The young man was further traumatized when his father’s first question was, “where’s the money?”. It was clear what his priority was. Not his son, not his son’s girlfriend, but the money. During my childhood, there were moments of plenty, but these were far and few between. Through all the more difficult times we had each other. Family was our focus. I look around me today and see both parents working, often late into the night. I look at all the fancy cars, huge houses and so on and wonder where is the priority. I am generalizing because I am aware that wealth and family are not mutually exclusive. However I am aware how easy it is to loose focus on what really matters. What is your priority? Money? Or family? Children or animals? Books or people? In dealing with others are you more concerned with your own needs or theirs? Going into this festive season, let us focus on what really matters.


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