Today I am grateful that I live in the beautiful place.  The sun is baking down, everything is green, and as I drive to my appointments I see the blue sea.  What a fantastic place to be.  I must admit though there are times I forget to be grateful.  I look at my car and see the fact that it is not wearing well and forget that at least I have a car, only a year old.  Many people do not have a vehicle of any kind.  There are days when my kids exhaust me and I forget that many folkes would give anything to have children of their own.  I look at my husband and see his faults and forget all his good points, which are many.  So today, I will look at my life and be grateful.  Today, I will see past the problems and be happy with what I have.  For to them that have, more shall be given – as long as we use it, share it and are grateful for it.  In this world of instant gratification, let us accept what we receive with instant gratitude… and be glad.


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