Personal growth

Have you noticed that new records are being set all the time? In sports this can partly be attributed to new technology in sports wear, apparatus, nutritional guides and so on. However, could it not also be due to the knowledge of what has been accomplished before? The knowledge that someone has finished a task […]


Obstacles by nature are items/things that are in your path/view.  Physical obstacles are obvious, like hurdles.   Emotional or mental obstacles are not so obvious.  And yet all obstacles although difficult to circumvent are not impossible to beat.  Fear can be an enormous deterrent to reaching the end of the road and yet that same fear […]


This afternoon, I watched someone make a cappuccino.  The look on her face indicated how much she enjoyed making it.  She dusted the foam with such precision and she was so proud of her product.  I got a huge lift from it.  How often do we look at what we do and take pride in […]


I have been on holiday in more ways than one over the last few weeks. The rest was necessary in more ways than one. After spending time with family, enjoying Cape Town ad Kenon-on-Sea, reading a few books and shopping, I am starting to itch to get back to life. Hence this evenings blog. I […]