This afternoon, I watched someone make a cappuccino.  The look on her face indicated how much she enjoyed making it.  She dusted the foam with such precision and she was so proud of her product.  I got a huge lift from it.  How often do we look at what we do and take pride in it?  Do we congratulate ourselves for a job well done?  I often hear people calling themselves stupid and other derogatory terms. I don’t often hear/see them giving themselves a pat on the back.  We are so quick to condemn ourselves, but not to praise ourselves.  Is there any question then as to why people want drugs to make them feel better – whether legal or illegal.  Do we have to ask ourselves why our youth commit suicide and/or harm others?  We cannot look to others for affirmation.  We cannot expect others to see good in us when we cannot see good in ourselves.  If we begin to see good in the mirror, perhaps we will begin to see good in others too.  In addition, if we perform our daily tasks with an eye to being able to take pride in our work, we may also perform better.  Is it not good to get to the end of the day and know that you have done well?   I am not saying become boastful and proud (in the bad sense), but just look at your endeavors and be happy with what you have accomplished.  Look at what you have done and be glad.


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