An interesting day

My day started with a flat tyre and yet it has not been all bad.  Although the flat tyre can be construed as annoying, it was not the end of the world.  What was uplifting was the number of people who stopped to enquire if we required assistance.  The next highlight was a meeting with a new client.  I had been nervous of meeting him and due to the tyre fiasco (no one has stock, so I was driving around on a biscuit), I had contemplated postponing.  I am grateful that I got to chat to him.  He is 80 years old and does not look a day over 60.  He has a fantastic philosophy of life in general and our role in life.  What struck me was his sense of equality of each of us.   What a gem of a man.  After our meeting, I called my Dad to share with him  what we had discussed.  At the end of the chat my Dad thanked me for phoning him.  Those kind words of thanks lifted my spirits more than you would expect.  Perhaps it was because I often feel that my need for his input is more than his need for mine.  It was good to know he enjoyed our chat as much as I did. I then stopped by another friend/client/salesman.  While he was working out a quote, we discussed his position in his company.  He mentioned that he is tired.  Not of the work he does or the company he promotes, but of the attitude of others.  He feels that there is no sharing of information for the benefit of others.  People are jealously guarding their secrets in defense of their own positions. This resonated with me as I have long since felt that people are becoming more and more selfish.   See also my blog entitled road rage and other things, .  These four events in my day helped me to realise that all our actions impact on others for good or ill.  Our awareness of others needs is essential to our own personal well-being to our mutual benefit.  See also my blog at this link


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