Personal growth

Have you noticed that new records are being set all the time? In sports this can partly be attributed to new technology in sports wear, apparatus, nutritional guides and so on. However, could it not also be due to the knowledge of what has been accomplished before? The knowledge that someone has finished a task prior to your attempt helps you psychologically to know that the potential is there for you to do the same thing. The competitive nature inherent in us helps us to take it slightly beyond and so we progress. Records are broken and new goals are set. What do we learn from this? If we have regressed on a personal goal, we know we can make a new attempt and reach our previous level once more and better it. If there is a personal characteristic that we admire in someone else, we can develop that same characteristic if we so desire. We are after all the same in essence. We can guard against peer pressure on the other side. Just because someone has done something does not mean that we have to do it too. The choice is always there. We choose who we are and who we want to be. We are blessed that we have others around us that we can learn from. Choose how you want to live your life, choose the goals you want to achieve. Find someone who has done what you want to do. Copy them. Then take it to the next level.


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