Service in Work

Today I had a meeting with a service consultant.  This particular person arrived with an attitude of “Ok, I am here, what do you want?”  There was no feeling emanating from the individual to say, “How can I help you?”.  Despite this, I expressed my requirements, hoping that she would be willing to assist.  My […]

What is the world coming to?

Perhaps it is only in my beautiful country, but what happened to giving your all?  What happened to helping others?  I came across the following today (I have taken a liberty of sharing this without consent and hope the author doesn’t mind): Today, started as a very chilly and wet morning in Kenton On Sea.  A caring couple […]

Too much

There are times in your life that there is just too much. Too much emotion, too much stress, too much work, too much to do. There are moments when you envy the simple life. But what is the simple life? Is it the good old days when most families had to be self sufficient. Growing […]