Too much

There are times in your life that there is just too much. Too much emotion, too much stress, too much work, too much to do. There are moments when you envy the simple life. But what is the simple life? Is it the good old days when most families had to be self sufficient. Growing produce was the norm. Where Mom was at home with the kids. Going out was an occasion. But then, was it all a bunch of roses? Many sons died in battles/wars. Childbirth was life threatening. Illness was a matter of life and death rather than an inconvenience. No, the perceived simple life had its own challenges. In our country emigration is common amongst some races and cultures. Is this because there is just too much. Too much political instability. Too much crime. Too much negativity. How do we handle these too much moments? Do we run away? Do we bury our heads in the sand? Do we start taking medication? Do we pray? I simplify, I focus on one thing at a time to the exclusion of everything else. This is not a healthy choice either I don’t think. Perhaps we need to find the balance. Can we look for more positives to balance the negatives? Do we look at our lives and re-define our priorities? Do we make a conscious effort to choose what we want to focus on? It is imperative that we choose lest we overload, crash and burn.


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