Service in Work

Today I had a meeting with a service consultant.  This particular person arrived with an attitude of “Ok, I am here, what do you want?”  There was no feeling emanating from the individual to say, “How can I help you?”.  Despite this, I expressed my requirements, hoping that she would be willing to assist.  My husband then entered.  He demands 100% from himself in service to his clients and expects the same when receiving from others.  As a result of this, we have tried various consultants over time.  Perhaps he can be viewed as a difficult client, however, I have to admit, when I deal with a difficult client, I amend my approach accordingly.  A client is a client whether easy to deal with or not.  This particular consultant made gems of comments along the following lines:  I will only provide service during office hours and it is unacceptable that you may ever request assistance out of office hours because God says that it is wrong to work during family time;  Perhaps you misunderstood or misinterpreted a previous incidence of non-disclosure;   Not one consultant that you have dealt with gave imperfect service (for the record, perfect service has never been a requirement);   A consultant cannot give up their personal advancement for you (this has never been asked by us or even been implied, I mean, who in their sane mind would want this?). 

This episode made me think about our reasons for working.  Many many years ago, work was primarily about providing food for our families.  Over time this has developed and although the end result is still about providing for our families, it is no longer about survival, but more about desires.  Unfortunately as our desires increase so we start focusing on the money to buy what we want.  Therefore our work becomes about money. 

Then there is also the type of work we do.  How many of us have chosen our careers.  Are we doing what we enjoy doing?  Or is it just a job?  I had a discussion with my elder son this afternoon, even he has noticed who enjoys what they are doing and who does not.  There is a security guard at the school who always gives a happy face and a happy greeting.  She obviously enjoys her work.  This in contrast with the individuals in call centers that we have dealt with recently, they say the correct words, but seem to take shortcuts wherever possible.  This situation has arisen in my opinion as a result of the money focus.  When kids finish school, the pressure is about earning an income as soon as possible.  Perhaps in addition their education has not been adequate.  The poor kids end up in employment that they might not enjoy and lets face it, it is much easier to provide excellent service when you enjoy what we do.  Perhaps we should teach our children at a young age to give the best of themselves in whatever they do, that enjoyment of what we do is important and not to settle for anything less.  Most important, change the focus.  It is NOT about the money, it is about the person on the other side.  It is NOT about the money, it is about satisfaction.  It is NOT about the money, it is about personal esteem.


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