What is the world coming to?

Perhaps it is only in my beautiful country, but what happened to giving your all?  What happened to helping others?  I came across the following today (I have taken a liberty of sharing this without consent and hope the author doesn’t mind):

Today, started as a very chilly and wet morning in Kenton On Sea.  A caring couple noticed a black man in distress, in the road, outside their home.  They placed him in their car and took him to the local Dr.  By the time they arrived at the Dr.’s room, the man was in serious trouble.  They went in to the Dr and urgently requested that he give attention to the person they had in the back of their car.  The young local Dr, refused to treat him.  Their were other people who approached the Dr., but the Dr refused.  At this time of remembering the greatest gift Jesus Christ gave to mankind……………A Dr., one who has taken the OATH, refuses to treat someone, because he sees NO VALUE IN THAT PERSONS LIFE!!!!! The man died, and where …. out on the cold, soaking pavement, where he was left lying uncovered, until someone covered him with an orange piece of tarpaulin, still too small to cover him, his poor bare feet  and calves still sticking out!!!!!!!!!!!!! while people looked on.  Dr?  When you charge R280 for a 15min consult……. and where you warn that once the 15 mins are over  YOU WILL! CHARGE A FURTHER CONSULTATION FEE, and where you visit those in the old age home ONLY afterhours……TO GET THE EXTRA FEES????? how can you deny treatment or at least the dignity of dying behind the closed doors of your consulting room,  to one in so desperate a Need, ………………FOR SHAME DR


One thought on “What is the world coming to?

  1. My Darling Daughter, I am glad you used this. I am still horrified at the callousness of one who has promised to save lives.

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