I often look at CV’s for prospective employees. Many of them have a covering letter of motivation. A phrase that is used frustratingly often is “Able to Multitask”.

I had a discussion with a teacher at the school recently who has just been given a new role. She mentioned that she is struggling to get her teeth stuck in as she feels all over the place. As soon as she starts with one task, another arises that takes priority. At the end of the day she looks back and feels that although she is exhausted, she has not accomplished anything. Nothing is as frustrating as this.

A few days ago my husband made a comment regarding the fact that I read while I eat breakfast. He said that it takes me longer to finish. It is something that I am aware of. As a teen I used to attempt to read while washing dishes, ironing and cooking. I know it slowed me down. In retrospect I wonder how frustrating it was for my poor parents. 

These experiences along with some articles I have read have made me consider that perhaps we try to do too much without focusing a hundred percent on any one thing. We check emails as they come in, while we are working/writing/reading studying/marking.  Ditto for BBM. Ditto for Facebook/twitter/whatsapp. This interrupts our flow of thought costing us time and causing mental frustration.

Surely this adds to the ills of modern life. So many struggle with IBS, ulcers, obesity, heart problems, anxiety and depression. One solution I have heard is to take time out twice each day to meditate. This would help to reduce stress, I agree, but it reduces the symptoms rather than the cause.

I feel that making life more manageable is key. Focus on one task at a time. Answer emails at predetermined times. Make a list of tasks to do as queries come in and complete them on a first come first served basis. The time saved by reducing interruptions will assist you to get more done thereby reducing stress as well as reducing anxiety and b


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