The past few days I was blessed to find myself in the company of an old friend. What was great about it was it felt like old times. Yes there were a few nuances of change, but it was pleasant. This brought me to thinking of another friendship that has passed. Isn’t it strange how sometimes one person may view a relationship as more than it was. I suppose unrequited love is a strong example of this. The one individual may feel that the other is their closest friend or confidant. The other may have others whom they view in the same light. Do we ever, as human beings, actually bring Ourselves to an understanding of another’s feeling for us and is it even important? “It is better to have loved and list than never to have loved at All”. If this is the case then, I guess I should not bemoan the friendship that I have lost, but rather remember the good. Up to this point I have struggled to understand why the loss occurred. However, short of asking why (because of course being human I have pride, not to mention I am no longer a Teen), I propose to myself that I should remember the good and move on. This in fact, is on line with a conversation I had. with another person I had not seen for some time. I asked her about a close friend she had had as a student. Her comment was that once you had moved on from a situation, you find that perhaps what you had in common was your experience at the time. Once that experience was over, then your relationship too had ended. The stress of trying to keep that relationship as it had been was I’m the end too emotionally draining. I propose that we focus on current relationships, learning from our past, but giving our all. Yes, we may again find ourselves moving on. But


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