As good as it gets

“What if this is as good as it gets?” (Jack Nicholson). At this moment in your life this is as good as it is at that moment. How you feel about it is up to you. At that moment there is nothing you can change about what is or isn’t. You can either appreciate what you have at that moment or bemoan what you don’t have. That is the key to happiness.

As a student, when looking at a result, do you rejoice in the tally of the answers that were correct or do you focus on the answers you got wrong? We celebrate our good results and learn from our bad. In life we so often focus on the tasks we do not complete rather than on what we do accomplish. Why is life so different to taking tests? I don’t believe it is. Each day is a test. Each day we should total up our points and rate ourselves focussing on the good points. Yes, the mistakes are there and they detract from the total sum, but they are there purely to learn from and not to drag us down.


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