Purpose, meaning and direction

What do you live for? Do you live each day in enjoyment of the day itself, or are you constantly focusing on wis to come?   The local radio station has recently made me consider these questions. The DJ’s seem to focus on looking forward to the weekend. Monday is considered a tough day as it is rather far to the next weekend… and so on. I do recall looking forward to weekends as a child too. I feel now though that just living for the weekend is sad. Isn’t there more to life than this? Surely dismissing five days is unhealthy?   To me it shows that these people’s purpose in life is the fun of the weekend. Do their lives then have meaning? Are they heading in any direction?  

There are individuals through history that have demonstrated purpose. Nelson Mandela, Sister Theresa, Isaac Newton and so on. Did they just live to get through each day? Or did they constantly work toward their goals? I am sure they had their fun times. I am sure they went on vacation and had days of rest. These can’t have been their focus.

There is an advertisement that shows a girl speeding up her life, skipping entire years of life. If I recall there us also a movie where the actor uses a remote control to miss any moments that were undesirable to him. Precious moments are lost in both stories.

We are in danger of losing precious moments. If work is so soul destroying that you just want to get over it and get to the weekend, then fix it. Each day on this earth is a gift. It is a new day to connect with people. It is a new day to love and be loved. It is a new day to see beauty. There is so much to live for. Find the good in each day. Find what gives your life meaning. Find what gives you a sense of purpose. Give your life direction and joy will follow.


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