Just do it

Have you ever postponed a task for no reason except that it was daunting? Then the knowledge of this outstanding thing weighs heavily on your mind. It lurks in the back of your mind, a constant pressure. Eventually factors conspire resulting in you begrudgingly sorting it out. The irony is that you realize in hindsight that actually it wasn’t so bad. Why on earth did you increase your daily burden instead of just getting it done? 

Why did you postpone initially anyway? Fear of failure? Were you unsure of the how? Did you perhaps not feel you had adequate information? Perhaps you thought it would just be too difficult.

With Internet today the how and the information are no longer a valid reason to postpone. Answers are accessible almost instantly. Fear? The easiest way to deal with fear us to face it. Difficult? Oh my goodness!   Life is difficult, I’m sure learning to walk was difficult and yet, you did! 

I get so frustrated (even with myself) when I see people showing an its too difficult attitude. If you don’t know how, ask or find out. Ignorance is no excuse. Just getting it done takes less effort and energy than displaying frustration or irritation. Self defeat or personal growth. That is your choice. You attitude determines the end result. Just get it done.


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