This morning while driving the boys to school, an incident made me think. We were running a few minutes later and had hit heavy traffic. I noticed a vehicle trying to reverse into the road and so I stopped to let him in. One of my boys indicated his displeasure. He felt that we were late, so why did I let the person in. I explained that pausing for a moment made no real difference to our travel time, but that it was good to be polite.

The thing is that we are all grateful when someone shows us such a courtesy. The problem is, we do not often extend the same, even though we are annoyed when others don’t do the same for us. Later on in fact,I had a similar incident with the opposite result for various reasons. Although I had good reasons for not extending courtesy, I did not feel good about it.

So, my thoughts were stimulated. One, I feel grateful when someone is polite to me. Two, I feel at peace when I am polite. Three, I feel uncomfortable when I am not couteous. There are three good reasons to be courteous already. Then, if I feel good when someone is good to me, don’t I want to help another individual have a good second/moment in their day. A courtesy does not take long. A pause on your travels, a door held open, a smile. These things do not take much effort, but are often a little brightness in someone else’s day. If I appreciate something, then I should realize that others feel the same and action it often, and not sporadically.

“Do to others what you would like others to do to you”
“Little things with great love” Mother Theresa


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