Thoughts on feeling emotions

I dislike letting myself feel emotion that I deem too strong. Where possible, I choose too keep myself at a distance from any situation that may evoke a strong emotional reaction. If the event is unavoidable, I tend to make light of it, to diffuse the situation.

I am doing myself a disservice.

Feeling emotion is a gift. If we want to live life fully, then we must invest in it and feel deeply any emotions that may arise. Good, or bad. If we restrict our ability to experience the strong, negative emotions, then how will we celebrate fully the positives. You cannot truly appreciate good if you have never experienced bad. There would be no measure. I am not for one second saying that you should engineer experiences that will give rise to negative emotions, but only to give yourself remission to cry, grieve, feel joy, love, anxiety. As we do this, perhaps we will learn to love more, feel more joy and attain a full understanding of our inner being.


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