Loving others and stopping abuse

Recently there have been stories of abuse in the news. Domestic violence, violence against children and so on. I have heard experts talking about the rights of children and women. They talk about educating the people on these rights and on providing safe havens. I agree that these preventative measures are essential as are the support structures necessary got the aid of those people who have been subjected to such situations.

I do wonder though how different life would be if children were taught love of neighbour before they were taught how to read and write. If you truly love someone then avoiding bringing injury to that person would not even be a question. If husbands put their wives before themselves then they would not hit out of anger. This would be true of wives lading out in anger against women. If children were loved and respected in their own fight then the same would be true.

Teaching our children to love others regardless of sex, race, culture, financial status, relationship or anything else is the single most important lesson in life skills. Do not hurt anyone. Put their needs first. Avoid anything that would cause harm whether physical, emotional or mental to others.

So. How do we teach gift this? By example. Act it until you believe it. This will stop the cycle.


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