True self

This has been a difficult week. I have found myself more prone to shouting due to the pressures I have felt. It’s not an excuse for my behavior. I also have noticed that it isn’t just me that reacts this way. Tolerance levels change. Good behavior deteriorates. Arguments are more common. We also tend to be less tactful, more abrupt and sometimes ride and hurtful. So, the question becomes: What is the reflection of the true you? Is it the person you portray when times are tough? Or is it the person you portray when all is well? Or is it someone in between?

You are who you choose to be. When you are hurting, angry, happy, excited, you can control what you say and do. You can act rather than react. Regardless of circumstances. You can choose to be loving, tolerant, kind. I can choose to not shout at the kids. I have the ability. All it takes is practice. Whoever I choose to be, I can be.


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