Extrinsic Motivation | The Death Of Your Dreams

Extrinsic motivation. You probably know it is being motivated from outside sources – money, attention, rewards, medals, women, men, fame. Yeah…all those things. Turn on the radio and you are going to hear song after song about stacks on stacks or clubbing…really just listen and your imagination will run wild. Try hard enough and you… http://thebettermanprojects.com/extrinsic-motivation/

True self

This has been a difficult week. I have found myself more prone to shouting due to the pressures I have felt. It’s not an excuse for my behavior. I also have noticed that it isn’t just me that reacts this way. Tolerance levels change. Good behavior deteriorates. Arguments are more common. We also tend to […]


A close family member passed on today. In reading all the beautiful comments from many many individuals who’s lives were enriched or touched by him, I wonder, did anyone stop to tell him during his life what they are saying now? Do we halt our lives long enough to say thank you in life? Share […]

Thoughts on feeling emotions

I dislike letting myself feel emotion that I deem too strong. Where possible, I choose too keep myself at a distance from any situation that may evoke a strong emotional reaction. If the event is unavoidable, I tend to make light of it, to diffuse the situation. I am doing myself a disservice. Feeling emotion […]

How do you treat people

An inner reflection! When you are unfairly treated. How do you respond? In kind? When someone makes a mistake, do you compound their pain by treating them badly? Do you strip away the remains of their dignity? No matter what has been done to you. Rise above. No matter what has been said about you, […]