Fragility of life

A few months ago a young father fell off a roof and died leaving behind a wife and three young children. This week an acquaintance died unexpectedly due to an illness. Life cannot be taken for granted. We wake each morning and go about our daily tasks with blinkers on. We take it for granted […]

Just do it

Have you ever postponed a task for no reason except that it was daunting? Then the knowledge of this outstanding thing weighs heavily on your mind. It lurks in the back of your mind, a constant pressure. Eventually factors conspire resulting in you begrudgingly sorting it out. The irony is that you realize in hindsight […]

Seeing people

People are complex. Not one of us is perfect. We are unique. I am the one and only me. When we interact with others it is so easy to notice their negative bits. It is so easy to see the unsightly mole on the face, the skin condition, the bad haircut. It is so easy […]

Purpose, meaning and direction

What do you live for? Do you live each day in enjoyment of the day itself, or are you constantly focusing on wis to come?   The local radio station has recently made me consider these questions. The DJ’s seem to focus on looking forward to the weekend. Monday is considered a tough day as it […]

As good as it gets

“What if this is as good as it gets?” (Jack Nicholson). At this moment in your life this is as good as it is at that moment. How you feel about it is up to you. At that moment there is nothing you can change about what is or isn’t. You can either appreciate what […]

Difficulty in decision

I read a quote recently that went along the lines that the biggest mistake one can make when deciding to do something, is to not make a decision. There are times when we delay deciding a course until that choice is no longer ours. The greatest gift humanity is given is freedom of choice. Wars […]


The past few days I was blessed to find myself in the company of an old friend. What was great about it was it felt like old times. Yes there were a few nuances of change, but it was pleasant. This brought me to thinking of another friendship that has passed. Isn’t it strange how […]


I often look at CV’s for prospective employees. Many of them have a covering letter of motivation. A phrase that is used frustratingly often is “Able to Multitask”. I had a discussion with a teacher at the school recently who has just been given a new role. She mentioned that she is struggling to get […]

Service in Work

Today I had a meeting with a service consultant.  This particular person arrived with an attitude of “Ok, I am here, what do you want?”  There was no feeling emanating from the individual to say, “How can I help you?”.  Despite this, I expressed my requirements, hoping that she would be willing to assist.  My […]