True self

This has been a difficult week. I have found myself more prone to shouting due to the pressures I have felt. It’s not an excuse for my behavior. I also have noticed that it isn’t just me that reacts this way. Tolerance levels change. Good behavior deteriorates. Arguments are more common. We also tend to […]

Seeing people

People are complex. Not one of us is perfect. We are unique. I am the one and only me. When we interact with others it is so easy to notice their negative bits. It is so easy to see the unsightly mole on the face, the skin condition, the bad haircut. It is so easy […]

Purpose, meaning and direction

What do you live for? Do you live each day in enjoyment of the day itself, or are you constantly focusing on wis to come?   The local radio station has recently made me consider these questions. The DJ’s seem to focus on looking forward to the weekend. Monday is considered a tough day as it […]


I often look at CV’s for prospective employees. Many of them have a covering letter of motivation. A phrase that is used frustratingly often is “Able to Multitask”. I had a discussion with a teacher at the school recently who has just been given a new role. She mentioned that she is struggling to get […]

Personal growth

Have you noticed that new records are being set all the time? In sports this can partly be attributed to new technology in sports wear, apparatus, nutritional guides and so on. However, could it not also be due to the knowledge of what has been accomplished before? The knowledge that someone has finished a task […]


Obstacles by nature are items/things that are in your path/view.  Physical obstacles are obvious, like hurdles.   Emotional or mental obstacles are not so obvious.  And yet all obstacles although difficult to circumvent are not impossible to beat.  Fear can be an enormous deterrent to reaching the end of the road and yet that same fear […]