Seeing people

People are complex. Not one of us is perfect. We are unique. I am the one and only me. When we interact with others it is so easy to notice their negative bits. It is so easy to see the unsightly mole on the face, the skin condition, the bad haircut. It is so easy […]


Obstacles by nature are items/things that are in your path/view.  Physical obstacles are obvious, like hurdles.   Emotional or mental obstacles are not so obvious.  And yet all obstacles although difficult to circumvent are not impossible to beat.  Fear can be an enormous deterrent to reaching the end of the road and yet that same fear […]


Do we take the time to listen? Do we actually hear what people are saying. And do we truly try to understand what the meaning behind their words is? Miscommunication is a exceptionally common event. It happens almost daily between my sons. It happens at work. It happens between many couples. The route of this […]